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our skin just wasn't happy...

What happens when a Southern family moves to the West? Your skin dries up like a prune, and your nostrils feel so dry that you want to take a tube of lip balm and coat the inside of your nose.


We love living in the West, but our skin wasn't happy about it. We were always trying out various lotions and skin care products with the hope that they would help hydrate our parched skin, and we would cringe when we read the labels that contained a long line of synthetic ingredients that we couldn't even pronounce.


Then, an idea was born. We came up with a plan to create bath and body products that were actually healthy with natural ingredients. Most people realize the importance of using essential oils, but it often feels like you need a dictionary in order to learn how to use them. We wanted to create products that everyone uses on a daily basis, and we wanted to put beneficial essential oils into these products, thereby making them easy to use and accessible.


We know you'll love our products as much as we do!

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